Blessings, Motivation, Inspiration, Restoration…

Becoming A Somebody

A nobody can become a somebody some day. If not today or tomorrow it shall be one day, ’cause everybody has the ability.

It is possible if you do not lose focus or direction but set your sights on your vision, based on wisdom from the book of instruction.

Use the key of divine knowledge to open doors. Advance at the beat of the sound of your vision calling,
the pace is set by the rhythm of the songs of your heart responding.

In the ascent to be a somebody, joys and trials are unwrapped as gifts, moulding for you a heart of integrity.

The blessed vision is a reflection of the somebody you have aimed to be beckoning as from the sky, full of wisdom and knowledge of the Most High.

Be a somebody today to help a nobody find their way some day.

©2016DEN-The Witness

Humanity Part 1: Destructive Mind and Acts

Gang life, not a life!

Gang life, not a life but a distraction,
a bonding of vision borne out of anger,
a uniting of mission unto danger.

Don’t wanna feel a reck!

Opposing society is the gang
man, sees his ego,
it’s downsizing.

Don’t wanna be kept in check!

Inflating as somebody,
while society deflates
him, a nobody.

Don’t care about a pay cheque!

Walking in step with the
corrupt, in unison
they trek to no man’s land.

Absolutely must gain respect!

Distracting, gang land
trophies to amass than
retract, a worm in the hood.

Gang life, composing a future
jail bird’s song.

Gang life, weaving a eulogy
to come.

Gang life…not a life !

©Mar2018DEN-The Witness

Oppression & Depression


Beaten against the bushels,
pained by worldly thorns,
trampled by passersby and
deceivers posing as friends,
her disheartened soul found
rest among the despondent at their fest.

Their complaints cooked up bitter broth, swallowed,
their chains were strengthened
in that dreadful place.

She longed to flee but how could she when her feet were
padlocked to the guardian of death and his cloak like steel weighed her down.

©Feb.2018 DEN-The Witness

Blessings, Motivation, Inspiration, Restoration…

Mommy dearest…(01)

Baby sleeping
Mommy dearest,
Your bosom was the pillow upon which I lay my weary head when I was told I had expired well past my used by date.

You inspired me to fight for what’s mine and see my blessed fate, even when my wretched soul wanted to give up and take flight.

Thank you mommy!

©Feb.2018 The Witness-DEN

Mommy dearest poetic inspirationals series

A Call for Justice, Deliverance & Hope for Change

A Petition

When troubled waters rock my life boat, I ask that you keep me afloat and plead for courage to walk on the turbulent waters of life.

I seek peace in your streams of love and ask that you be the anchor of my weather-beaten soul and the one who stills my storm-tossed mind.

Clear my fog-blinded eyes with divine salve that I may see the way to that place where it is never night, only day…
neither sorrow nor fright, only everlasting joy.

©9-02-2018 DEN-The Witness

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Feminal Dirge


The female infant
once full of life
muted by fear
rants and strife.


The young girl
used and abused
her destiny refused.


The woman, beaten
dreams tossed in a bin
now prematurely in a coffin.


©Jan2018-DEN The Witness

This Dirge was inspired after I read an article (the 11th January 2018) about a Pakistani TV News Anchor Kiran Naz who read the news with her infant child on her lap, she was paying tribute that day to the 7 year old child, Zainab who was found raped and murdered. Her body was found in a rubbish bin.

Justice for the young girl!

Zainab was not from a notably poor background and it is clear that this can happen to any child anywhere and does, we read about such tragedies in different parts of the world constantly.

Likewise teenagers and woman have suffered rape, sexual assault and other forms of abuse (physical and emotional). At times they have been murdered in the process. The news about all manner of assault and violence against the female has reached great lamentable proportions.

Justice and protection for the female!

This Dirge has three stages of a female’s life, infant/child, young girl and woman each marked with conflict and suffering.

To make a point, I intentionally placed RIP between each paragraph dividing the different stages of child hood, young girl and womanhood. What point? Each paragraph can be a stand-alone dirge as multitudes of infants/children, young girls and women have
-RIP tombstones erected due to premature deaths for such reasons
-If not physical death, a spiritual dead state ensues due to abuse or assault.

Who cares, who is listening?

Will you be a voice among a stream of voices to make it an ocean for this injustice to the female to stop. Let’s do our part if we can however we can.

Offenders, Self-Aggrandisers, Haters and their Victims

The Racist


The Racist
Animals welcome their own kind in the fold. No exclusion nor disrespecting one or another ’cause of different skin colour, whether black, white or brown.
Not some human beings who stand on platforms, some in secret places, even masked as cowards on their mission to wound, kill and divide.

Few things are worst than the revolting stench out of the sewage funnel that’s the mouth of the oppressor, self proclaimed racist esquire.
Spewing hate, they provoke others to hate and unite forming a deadly chain used as a hangman’s noose while chanting “we are the superior race” or “we hate that race back cause they hated us first!”

What joy is found in debasing a fellow man? name calling and abusing him, even taking his life solely ’cause of the colour of his skin ?
Where is the God kind of love in the heart of such a one, self defined with pride as a racist? it has fled far away from cohorts of hate, their hearts in this state, a filthy play pen for legions of demons. O what a wretched fate!
A debased soul in the image of the anti-Christ is that of the racist, ravished by rage as maggots do rotten flesh, at the sight of others different to behold.
Here is the truth, I’ll say not once but twice, the end of the racist is eternal death, in a place of ceaseless torment even after death.
Indeed a point of no return is reserved for disrespecting men, those who mock and hate fellow humans at every turn!

©Deborah Nyamekye 18/11/2016