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The Question

Scratching heads
they wonder when people will arise, take their destinies by the horns, say no to Mr Hijack of dreams so that reams of blessings for others will flow like streams in patched land with nothing of worth to show,
‘cause life is now for many like a merry go round.
Dizzy they oscillate.
Round and round they go, not forward but oppressed between past and present they perpetuate.

Beating chests
they wonder when things will change and humanity will release a hit album with a sound of love that is real instead of lyrics of hate and hollow promises spelling out their fate ‘cause many suffocate in the land with nothing to celebrate under a spell of make believe love, sinking deeper they perpetuate.

Scratching heads.
Beating chests.
Sure they wonder,
‘til when or is it forever?
Will they act or just ponder …round and round, sinking deeper and deeper…

©️22-07-2018 DENyamekye

Reflection: At times as one of the masses we wonder about the goings on and want to act, but yeh it is easier to go with the flow. What is our conscience saying to us about such and such and what is our mandate in relation to all, some or even one of these issues? Do we know? Do we care to act or are we just happy pondering, but never acting so as to make a difference?

Blessings, Motivation, Inspiration, Restoration…

Where I Call Home


There are many towns, cities and countries I could choose, even where my mother and father were born.

But this is where I choose to call home. This place in your bosom. In that secret place, in that special room.

I have travelled miles searching for truth, looked here, there and everywhere, even in the stars and a-top a stony hill, but found it no where, except in this place I choose to call home.

I was invited to a so called feast of everlasting peace, only to drink the broth of chaos.

Then when I remembered where I first met the Prince of Peace, I made a fast retreat to that place I choose to call home.

When looking for that place, don’t take the broad way with tinsels aglow rather choose the narrow way, unbecoming but where truth and peace are in abundant flow.

©️26-Jun-18 DEN -The Witness

Humanity Part 1: Destructive Mind and Acts · Oppression & Depression

The Cracked Mirror

 Her name was worthy.

She lived on abundance street, things were plentiful so was her guilt towards those with little, it was so pitiful.

With the best education in her quiver, knowledge as power was not great for it led to self debasing and the sinkhole of depression.

Showers of expressive love felt like pins and needles bruising her body as she decoded massive hate was at the pinnacle.

Words of kindness were like darts hitting her heart as she defined the glare of their eyes as cold and calculating.

Sought after by many who saw her as wise, she obliged, though hated the popular ride, so at times she would feign sickness and hide.

She rolled her eyes when her name “Worthy” was praised, crying out “why me and not them!”

Her inner self she deemed unworthy to be trapped in a life where she always felt guilty.

Escape she finally did in the  cracked mirror of her destiny to create for herself a reality in that place of her preferred identity. 

©️16-June2018 DEN -The Witness

Times, Seasons, Places and People

Wisdom Speaks at Summer’s Berthing

Whether the sky’s face is grey and its tear drops fall daily on the earth as though in remorse,
Summer is on her berth and is here to stay her course.
It’s a season we judge not by her countenance whether bleak or gay.
Her worth is vast and more precious than meets the eye so mortal man is not fast to judge.

Listen to Wisdom speak.

Wisdom proclaims her breaking forth is as the dawning of a new day;
An era to arise and shine as the sun does beam it’s rays on a Summer’s day.
A time to wear a smile of contentment and be clad in the cloak of gladness sown in Spring from a tapestry of God’s victories in the Autumn of oppression and the Winter of discord.

Wisdom speaks of her as the season to reflect on God’s truths so as to deflect from falsehood, discard the unproductive and disregard the immotive.
By her, productive and active shall you be. Able to invest and harvest not in haste, but in God’s heartfelt rest.

Listen to Wisdom speak: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.”(1)

His speech of renewal at Summer’s berthing until she departs, is what Wisdom hears from Father in every season and sees Him doing for whatever reason.

“Wisdom is the Principle Thing” (2)
Listen to Wisdom Speak.

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 20/06/2016

Scriptural inspiration: Quotes no.
(1) Ecc 3:1-2 NLT.
(2) Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” (Prov. 4:7 NLT)

Blessings, Motivation, Inspiration, Restoration…

My Restorer, Giver of Fortitude

My Restorer, giver of fortitude, to you I sing this song of gratitude.

As an object I was discarded, still I aligned with them though dejected. 

Then you came along and composed for me a new song. 

Love-filled lyrics sweet to my ears awakened my soul, ’til then among the lifeless throng.

My Restorer, giver of fortitude, to you I sing this song of gratitude.

You unlocked the truth of my worth and sang oracles to reveal the miracle of my birth.

With thanksgiving I eat of your goodness and drink from your fountains of joy.

With gladness I enter your gates of renewal, far away from the dungeons of those that destroy.

My Restorer, giver of fortitude, to you I sing this song of gratitude.

©️3-Jun2018 DENyamekye

Times, Seasons, Places and People

🎶Spring’s Gaiety & Song 🎵

744A3649-10DC-4AA3-AFFD-3D84E44D318DSpring is here, seen in nature’s gaiety and heard in her song.
Take a glance and listen,
do you see and hear ?

I hear the song of spring in the whistle of birds and rustle of glistening leaves as they waltz to the chorus of the warm wind.

A season of new beginnings for seeds to sprout, flowers to blossom and men to spring clean within the heart and home.

A welcomed fragrance of floral blooms fills the air singing of spring as does the smell of a barbecue and the jingle of the ice-cream van.

Branches once bald, now covered in green hue bow gracefully to give shade and reach out for a friendly handshake.

Spring is here, seen in nature’s gaiety and heard in her song.

©️May2018 DENyamekye

Pictures taken while on a stroll and in the park near where I live.




Humanity Part 2: Harmonious Co-existence

The Call of Humanity

Such is the call of humanity:

Use your members productively.
Arms that though tired gather the lost and hands though shaking cease not to beg for the orphan in need.

Use your voice productively.
Speak out though trembling in fear, for the vulnerable and amplify the cause of the abused, whether man, woman or child.

Use your pain productively.
Let your heart once cut up with knife edge words empathise with those suffering the same.
Your gentle words, laced with wisdom shall be as soothing balm to heal offence and shame.

Use your life productively.
Uplift hearts with an offering of self-less love, never to expire.
Within you is the capacity to inspire.

Such is the call of humanity.
©April2018 DENyamekye

Blessings, Motivation, Inspiration, Restoration…

The Making of Us

Though the journey
has been long and hard,
been through peaks and troughs, the mountain top and valley, hiked in crooked and straight paths and walked with the mean and saintly, I can truly say “I’m happy to be me”.

There is a message deep within
to the struggling in whose minds gloom persists and wonder why they exist and with all their might happiness, they resist.

Accept the pains and strains as you do the gains and blessed rains ‘cause every grey cloud is but for a moment to learn in the present that the bitter as the sweet is just as relevant.

Relevant to turning the page to life’s next chapter.
Important to opening the door into a new pasture and significant to learning lessons, so you can truly say “I’m happy to be me”.


Humanity Part 1: Destructive Mind and Acts

Domestic Death Trap


Domestic violence is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in their home. If not anywhere else, a home is where people are supposed to feel the most secure and unafraid. Domestic violence strips one of their basic human dignity and worth. Under a great magnitude of oppression, victims can only sink further into the abyss of depression with no way of escape.

Be a voice among others to speak out and campaign against domestic violence!

Many victims as this one in the poem “Domestic Death Trap” live in denial, accept and make excuses while suffering so that they empower the abuser…

If your voice could help the cause, campaign or even be heard by one or more victims, whether they are male or female and cause them to leave their demeaning and violent domestic environment you would have done a great service to humanity.

Domestic Death Trap

Slapped once, reassured of his love.
She stayed.

He broke her ribs twice. “I fell down the stairs” she said.
For him she always lied.

Pushed so hard against the door, the wood cracked. He begged for forgiveness.
She stayed.

Who told her of her worth, that she needed to leave to live?
Her true friends tried.

“His unfounded jealousy, blind rage were due to stress” she said.
Her excuses for him dismayed.

The police found her dead body in a forest, battered and bruised.
With no evidence nor history of violence, he was free.
So another victim he tried.
While in a grave his wife laid.
©22-03-2018 DEN-The Witness