Times, Seasons, Places and People

Wisdom Speaks at Summer’s Berthing

Whether the sky’s face is grey and its tear drops fall daily on the earth as though in remorse,
Summer is on her berth and is here to stay her course.
It’s a season we judge not by her countenance whether bleak or gay.
Her worth is vast and more precious than meets the eye so mortal man is not fast to judge.

Listen to Wisdom speak.

Wisdom proclaims her breaking forth is as the dawning of a new day;
An era to arise and shine as the sun does beam it’s rays on a Summer’s day.
A time to wear a smile of contentment and be clad in the cloak of gladness sown in Spring from a tapestry of God’s victories in the Autumn of oppression and the Winter of discord.

Wisdom speaks of her as the season to reflect on God’s truths so as to deflect from falsehood, discard the unproductive and disregard the immotive.
By her, productive and active shall you be. Able to invest and harvest not in haste, but in God’s heartfelt rest.

Listen to Wisdom speak: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.”(1)

His speech of renewal at Summer’s berthing until she departs, is what Wisdom hears from Father in every season and sees Him doing for whatever reason.

“Wisdom is the Principle Thing” (2)
Listen to Wisdom Speak.

©Deborah E.Nyamekye 20/06/2016

Scriptural inspiration: Quotes no.
(1) Ecc 3:1-2 NLT.
(2) Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” (Prov. 4:7 NLT)

Times, Seasons, Places and People

🎶Spring’s Gaiety & Song đźŽµ

744A3649-10DC-4AA3-AFFD-3D84E44D318DSpring is here, seen in nature’s gaiety and heard in her song.
Take a glance and listen,
do you see and hear ?

I hear the song of spring in the whistle of birds and rustle of glistening leaves as they waltz to the chorus of the warm wind.

A season of new beginnings for seeds to sprout, flowers to blossom and men to spring clean within the heart and home.

A welcomed fragrance of floral blooms fills the air singing of spring as does the smell of a barbecue and the jingle of the ice-cream van.

Branches once bald, now covered in green hue bow gracefully to give shade and reach out for a friendly handshake.

Spring is here, seen in nature’s gaiety and heard in her song.

©️May2018 DENyamekye

Pictures taken while on a stroll and in the park near where I live.




Times, Seasons, Places and People

Journey to the Tropics


I wrote this poem while on the plane to a tropical country.

Journey to the Tropics:

The people’s fate is in her hands as she soars up and up and roars against the wind.

At take off, tensed up, up and up we went. Excited at what lies ahead, no way do I feel regret or low, as I wave goodbye to the city down below.

The bird’s wings do not flutter but glide gracefully across the blue sky. Her chirp in turbulence is as the faint sound of a punctured tyre.

Looking down, I see here, popcorn clusters dance twixt a sea of blue and there, inviting white marshmallow sofas as though ready to welcome the tired minx.

Here and there saturated foams exchange their white cloaks for grey to announce their downpour of rain, merciless they cause such an affray!

The sun beams a smile through oval windows forming rays of multiple hue across a mosaic of faces; some chatting, others reading and many snoring, their loud snorts with the sudden cries of infants disturb the silent hum of this bird.

Noisome is the descent forming painful bubbles in my ear, bothersome it is not,
for it is God who protects and delivers us from fear.

A swish of hot air greets us with a tight embrace. Completing formalities, with baggage in tow, I exit into new realities of this festive time of year in the tropical heat with cheer.
©DEN – The Witness

Times, Seasons, Places and People

Wanting…is that All?

At times we just want what we want, for the sake of wanting or for no reason other than the fact that other people have what we want.

The media makes it worse..whetting our appetite for the newest mobile phones or something that masses are queuing or craving for… some cannot afford financially to join those queues. Wanting what the “Jones” have is not always attainable by “Joe blogs”.

But there are basic things we want which are not material but emotional and are of far greater value. These are not mere wants but needs that are necessary for every human being’s well being such as love and acceptance…etc…as with the material things, even these are only obtainable by some and not others.

Below is a spoken word poem I wrote in 1987 that explores the “wanting frenzy”

Wanting…is that all?

It is a confused world, so much to have, so hard to get and so much not wanting to be taken.

Wanting to be real, see what’s real and accept the reality of it all.

Wanting to feel love, secure love, to know the realities of love.

Wanting to be understood, to understand so as to take a stand.

Wanting to know all,
to have all,
to be all,
is that all?

©1987 DEN The Witness


Times, Seasons, Places and People

Makola Market, Accra Ghana

Note: This poem has been selected for inclusion in the 2017 publication of the book (anthology of poems) “The Poetic Bond VII” available on 10th November 2017
For more information here is the press release


Makola Market Day, Accra

The cock crows as sunrise looms and merchandisers appear in droves. Old rickety lorries bursting at the seams crawl into the market square.
Stall owners, shoppers and mere strollers are seen on their way to Makola, every man’s market as birds flocking to their place of hibernation.

It is afternoon and sun rays as from a hot furnace hit the skin with a fierceness that brings discomfort, often slows the pace but cannot stop the day to day race. Wood and aluminium built beauty salons busy with jovial chatty women braiding and weaving.
Roadside traders, windscreen washers form a tapestry amidst vehicles. Drivers ignore blinking traffic lights, and hoot at each other demanding passage rights.

Here, the radio at full blast, dogs barking and goats bleating, with grown men in rags begging.
There, market women calling, shoppers bargaining and babes on mothers’ backs crying with youth playing and laughing. Every where, sights and sounds are seen and heard and with the smell of fish and stew tell the story of the Accra market day crowd.

The sun escapes slowly into its chambers leading the way for the market procession to dismantle for departure or simply walk away.
A day dawned and smiled at the seller, buyer and beautified the mama and diva and now waves good bye until another day. ©DEN-The Witness 16/10/2016


Times, Seasons, Places and People


Introduction: Like seasons, change in our personal lives is inevitable. Having the right perspective enables us to reap the benefits of change.



Habitats change when seasons unwind, roofs fly off in the storm and petals are lost in the wind.

People as fleeting cars pass through your life and with age races in wrinkles, aches and pains.

Facial expressions change with emotion and rage flares when change hits hard at the heart.

Permanency is but a word:
Change is here to stay.
Here today, gone tomorrow.

You win some, lose some, what you have, with you pass away.

©2017 DE Nyamekye