Humanity Part 2: Harmonious Co-existence

The Call of Humanity

Such is the call of humanity:

Use your members productively.
Arms that though tired gather the lost and hands though shaking cease not to beg for the orphan in need.

Use your voice productively.
Speak out though trembling in fear, for the vulnerable and amplify the cause of the abused, whether man, woman or child.

Use your pain productively.
Let your heart once cut up with knife edge words empathise with those suffering the same.
Your gentle words, laced with wisdom shall be as soothing balm to heal offence and shame.

Use your life productively.
Uplift hearts with an offering of self-less love, never to expire.
Within you is the capacity to inspire.

Such is the call of humanity.
©April2018 DENyamekye


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