Humanity Part 1: Destructive Mind and Acts

Domestic Death Trap


Domestic violence is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in their home. If not anywhere else, a home is where people are supposed to feel the most secure and unafraid. Domestic violence strips one of their basic human dignity and worth. Under a great magnitude of oppression, victims can only sink further into the abyss of depression with no way of escape.

Be a voice among others to speak out and campaign against domestic violence!

Many victims as this one in the poem “Domestic Death Trap” live in denial, accept and make excuses while suffering so that they empower the abuser…

If your voice could help the cause, campaign or even be heard by one or more victims, whether they are male or female and cause them to leave their demeaning and violent domestic environment you would have done a great service to humanity.

Domestic Death Trap

Slapped once, reassured of his love.
She stayed.

He broke her ribs twice. “I fell down the stairs” she said.
For him she always lied.

Pushed so hard against the door, the wood cracked. He begged for forgiveness.
She stayed.

Who told her of her worth, that she needed to leave to live?
Her true friends tried.

“His unfounded jealousy, blind rage were due to stress” she said.
Her excuses for him dismayed.

The police found her dead body in a forest, battered and bruised.
With no evidence nor history of violence, he was free.
So another victim he tried.
While in a grave his wife laid.
©22-03-2018 DEN-The Witness


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